A platform took the online world by storm in January, but is a competitor coming knocking? This and much more in February’s top social media headlines.

Twitter Spaces

It seems Twitter’s resourcefulness is working at lightning speed, not only enabling Twitter Spaces to be used on Android, something competitor Clubhouse is yet to roll out, but also adding features and allowing access of the feature to more accounts.

Time will tell how much Jack’s new toy will be adopted by the masses, but for large brands, creators and influencers, why start fresh when you can speak to your already engaged and supportive audience?


Super Follow

Twitter is also planning to develop a way for its users to monetise, working towards a subscriber-based model that gives followers exclusive content.

Instagram Rooms

Instagram now allows you to broadcast live with up to three other people. This could be an exciting opportunity for brands and rights holders to hold panels with a number of athletes, allowing for a more casual dialogue as opposed to the one-on-one interview.

Instagram Reels Algorithm

To clamp down on reposting of TikToks on Instagram’s reels platform, any videos posted as a reel with the TikTok watermark will be recognized and its priority lowered, reducing the reach of a Reel in the Explore page. While Instagram likely hopes to create its own culture, creators will find workarounds to save their content prior to it being published on TikTok.

TikTok’s Sport Partnerships

February was a huge month for TikTok signing deals with major sports brands, partnering with the UEFA Euro competition as well as an exclusive streaming deal with UFC. We’ll have to keep our eyes open as to how TikTok will be used to diversify the content output of both.

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