The Longines World Racing Awards is a yearly awards ceremony to celebrate the best of horse racing around the world. For the first time ever the 2020 Longines World Racing Awards were held virtually, with the show being streamed from Newmarket to media channels around the world. 

As the awards were held online for the first time this required Engage Digital Partners, World Horse Racing, Longines and the International Federation of Horse Racing Authorities (IFHA) to coordinate a number of shoots and interviews with the winners, that would ordinarily be done on the night itself, ahead of the show.

Despite lockdowns and restrictions across the world we were able to organise shoots, both remotely and via partners in other countries, in California, Ireland, Dubai, York and Newmarket, all whilst following COVID guidelines.

EDP produced all in-show graphics, title cards, interview screens, show transitions, winners announcements and social media imagery to feature both during the show and online.

In total the awards were streamed to 36 different partners, across seven countries, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The stream itself, plus social content before, during and post awards, generated 2.8M impressions, reached almost 1M people, had over 425K video views and 154K minutes watched.

On top of this the Longines World Racing Awards generated over 275% more engagements than the FEI awards had achieved just a month earlier, and the official hashtag for the show, #LonginesWorldRacingAwards, had over 19M impressions across all platforms.

The results for Longines, World Horse Racing and the IFHA were exceptional, showing once again how adaptable sports and their partners are able to be during such an unpredictable time.

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