Have you heard rumblings around social media about Clubhouse, but have no idea where to start? Get your AirPod batteries ready, because it could take over your life.

Clubhouse is an emerging, invite-only voice-only chat app. The app is currently in beta and only available on iOS devices.

Its surge in usership has been linked to high-profile appearances by tech giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as a variety of celebrities in music and entertainment (Lindsay Lohan, 21 Savage, Zendaya).

When you join Clubhouse, one thing becomes evidently clear: something unique is happening. There are currently no messaging functions meaning the only way you can communicate with others is by joining rooms and speaking up.

The app as it stands has been applauded by users as a way for people from all across the world to experience genuine connections with others, something that has been greatly lacking in many of our lives as the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed.

Celebrity rooms have also given the public unprecedented access to their favourite stars, giving anyone the opportunity to speak to household names like never before.

What gets addictive is the FOMO aspect of the app. Recording is prohibited so if you miss the conversation it’s gone forever.

At present, there are incredible opportunities for sports teams and rights holders can take advantage of the Clubhouse craze, as the sports niche is not yet oversaturated.

Rooms with top athletes

If your star player can spare an hour or two, setting up a Clubhouse room will build a stronger bond with your player base. As well, those in the room may live-tweet and share what’s being said in the room, in order to keep the extended fanbase on top of what’s happening.

Regularly Scheduled Rooms

Giving fans on the app a regular space to discuss the happenings around sport will build a strong community around your team or IP.

Fan Clubs

After hosting three consecutive weekly rooms with the same title, you will be eligible to fill out a club application. A club is similar to a facebook group in the sense that users can follow or join the club as a member and as a result will be able to start rooms within that club. Rooms hosted by that club will also have a green house icon that listeners can tap to join. It’s the most recommended way to ensure sustained community growth.

So if you score an invite, you have the power to create special moments for your supporters and fans in the power of your hands.

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