Uniting Stakeholders To Own Digital Conversation On A Sport

The challenge:


Unlike F1, there was no global central force to unite the sport. This meant little continuity of message between races and a highly domestic audience base that did not join up across what is a year-round sport. Whilst there we strong local stakeholders, as a sports digital was subscale versus the size of the fan base; the larger and more joined-up betting companies also dominated the social conversation.


Our solution:


5 of the largest stakeholders, representing a global footprint formed World Horse Racing (WHR) as a tool to bring back ownership of the racing conversation and create a D2C channel that linked the racing calendar, creating a story arc around the sport and its stakeholders and paved the way for an OTT future.


Free from betting and non-reliant on live output, WHR is pure storytelling, accumulating over 250 million video views, 10 million engagements and 300,000 followers since launching in mid-2018.